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Isle of Wight Ghosts


By day the Isle of Wight is a place of sunshine, relaxation and happiness, but as the sun sets the island takes on a more sinister persona as the worlds most haunted island. Known by some as Ghost Island the Isle of Wight is a hotspot for the paranormal, from the spirits of shipwrecked sailors and smugglers to ghost trains and appearing mansions. Recently the Most Haunted team visited the island to investigate ghostly occurrences at Aretton manor and Appuldurcombe House and recorded strange going-ons in both places!.

According to local paranormal writer Gay Baldwin the reason behind the large amount of supernatural activity on the island is due to strong earth energy running under the isle of wight which may charge the earths electromagnetic field which increase psychic potential needed to see ghosts. Many of the most haunted places on the island are areas open to the public, so if you fancy a ghostly adventure here are our favourite places to go:

Knighton Gorges

Possibly the most haunted and famous paranormal site on the isle of wight. Every New Years eve and at Halloween people from all over the world gather outside hoping to witness the appearence of the famous Ghost House. Other ghostly happenings include the appearence of two stone figures, some say lions, on the gateposts of the old mansion, phantom horse drawn coaches and strange lights.

Appuldurcombe House

This once grand house is home to phantom monks which inhabit its 52 rooms.

Carisbrooke Castle

An 800 year old castle is bound to have seen is fair share of mysterious happenings and Carisbrooke Castle is no exception. Elizabeth Ruffin and young girl who drowned in the castles well often appears to visitors. Other ghost sightings include a young princess elizabeth, a cloaked lady with four lap dogs and a young man who haunts the moat.

Hare and Hounds Pub

Our personal favourite place to ghost hunt as one can steady the nerves with a quick pint!. Woodcutter Michal Morey can be seen roaming Gallows Hill carring an axe. He is said to have been tried and executed for murdering his grandson in 1737. His body was hung to rot at the cross roads from beams which were used in the construction of the Hare and Hounds Pub. Inside the pub you can view the actual beam which still has the notch and date of his execution.

Ventnor Botanic Gardens

Once a world famous chest hospital which cared for suffers of tuberculosis the Botanic Gardens was built in 1969 and is home to more than just plants and flowers. Dead patients still haunt the grounds and leave tell tale signs to visitors of the gardens including crying, screams and strong smells of ether. In recent contsruction, workers reported unpleasent sounds and smells and brand new machinery such as JCB's would not function in certain areas.

Arreton Manor

The most seen ghost is that of a young girl who is said to appear in the house and gardens wearing a blue dress and can be heared crying for her mother, according to local folklore she was pushed from a window

Chale Church

The last resting place of many of the sailors who died when the Clarendon was run aground in bad weather in 1836 she carried 26 people, there were no surviors. A phantom funeral has been witnessed at the church with ghostly mourners stood heads bowed can been seen stood at empty graves.