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Isle of Wight Zoo

Blackgang Chine Rides

Zoo House
Yaverland Road
Isle of Wight
PO36 8QB

Tel: +44 (0)1983 403883




About Isle of Wight Zoo

The Isle of Wight Zoo specialises in the care of tigers and lemurs, but is also home to a variety of other animals. We are dedicated to conserving and protecting animals both at the zoo and in their natural environments. By choosing to visit the zoo you will be helping us look after these amazing animals as well as learning all about them.



Our zoo has a variety of animals including Jaguars, Tigers, Lions, Monkeys and more, but we specialise in two particular areas - tigers and lemurs. Our keepers have their own specific sections, which allows them to et to know the personalities of the animals in their care very well. Why not explore this section and find out which our of animals are the headstrong type, which are the softies and which like to keep the keepers on their toes?