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Dinosaur Isle

Dinosaur Isle Building

Dinosaur Isle
Culver Parade, Sandown
Isle of Wight
PO36 8QA

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About Dinosaur Isle

Shaped like a giant pterosaur, the bat-like master of the Cretaceous skies, Dinosaur Isle is an interactive museum where you can discover the lost world of the dinosaurs, hear the sounds and encounter the smells of a real Cretaceous park - a true dinosaur experience!

Walk back through the Ice Age, tropical swamps and seas to encounter the ferocious Neovenator.



Prehistoric experience

The story of the Isle of Wight from the Ice Age back to the time of the dinosaurs. The displays contain the fossilised remains of animals and plants that lived here, such as 55 million year old tropical shells, 100 million year old ammonities and the bones of Ice Age mammals.

Dinoaur encounter

visitors at dinosaur isleThe main exhibition is based on a reconstructed landscape as it was 125 million years ago. You will see fleshed models of the main Isle of Wight dinosaurs including a robotic Neovenator. There are teeth, bones and reconstructed skeletons of some of Britains rarest dinosaurs.

Fossil discovery

The Isle of Wight is one of the worlds richest fossil localities, and the most important place in Europe for dinosaur excavations. When visiting us you can handle fossil bones, get advice on fossil sites to visit and have your finds identitfied by one of our professional paleontologists - who will help you discover more about your fossil finds.